Fresh and Healthy Pomegranate Roasted Salmon

Pomegranate Roasted Salmon Breaking News: Simple seared salmon gets dressed up with the most addictive glaze of pomegranate molasses! - Must Try!! Juicy salmon, with a crisp seared skin, shimmering with a thick, sweet, and tangy pomegranate molasses glaze. I always feel rich looking at those little jewels of pomegranate seeds. (They’re called arils, but I feel too pretentious saying that word out loud.) This recipe looks and tastes delicious and luxurious but is easy to make – perfect for entertaining any night, or on a special occasion! Share this with your friends! This dish is highly worthy of entertaining. […] Read more »

Smoothie Guide for Balanced Hormones and Healthy Gut

Healthy Smoothie Guide for Balanced Hormones Smoothies! So what's the deal with smoothies? Are they healthy and good for you? Smoothies are: Chock full of minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Easy to digest, which indicates optimal assimilation of nutrients. Fantastic for stabilizing blood sugar (you will see that each smoothie here contains healthy fat, vital for blood sugar stabilization). A terrific way to devour a variety of different fruits or vegetables at one time. Excellent for cleansing the body of toxins. An effortless way to add fiber to your diet for optimal gut function. Is blending your fruits and veggies beneficial? […] Read more »

Purple Sweet Potato Soup

Vegan Purple Sweet Potato Soup When it comes to cooking, my approach is to embrace seasonality, because you will get the most amount of nutrients from your food. I also like to incorporate a lot of colorful veggies because of the variety of nutrients you get. Soups and stews are perfect for mixing them together. Purple sweet potatoes are one of those veggies that have gotten more love over the years. Surprisingly this variety has only been around since 2006. If you’re not familiar with them, they have the same flavor and texture as traditional sweet potatoes, but purple potatoes […] Read more »

Fermented Lemons: How to Preserve Lemons with Salt

How to Preserve Lemons with Salt Fermented lemons are one of my favorite condiments in my kitchen that I use, and I absolutely love them! Preserved lemons are rich in flavor. They bring bright citrus notes, rich saltiness, and gentle yet complex tartness to your cooking. They achieve their characteristic flavor through slow fermentation, which breaks down the lemon's rind. The fermentation helps remove its bitterness and delivers you a beautiful complex, bright flavor that pairs beautifully with fish, chicken, vegetables, and drinks. An additional plus of preserved lemons is that they are very quick and easy to make. They […] Read more »

Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette

Healthy Preserved Lemon Vinaigrette There is no better dressing to add to your salad than preserved lemon vinaigrette. This dressing recipe is effortless to make and an easy way to learn how to use your preserved lemons. Make sure to check out my blog on how to make preserved lemons here. The vinaigrette is tangy and citrusy and will add brightness to your dishes. If you are a lemon-lover and have a jar of preserved lemons hanging out in your fridge, this salad dressing is for you! You are going to love this vinaigrette! Preserved lemons have been salted and […] Read more »

Quick Braised Red Cabbage

Best Braised Red Cabbage Cabbages are arguably the most common go-to veggie for many communities around the world. It goes without saying that its cabbages are also a top meal in many Poles' homes, with people consuming them in large quantities daily. Many factors are making this veggie rank among the most consumed and likable food products around the globe. For starters, it is easily affordable, and it stores well in the cold basement storage. Way back, my aunt's family had a small farm where she grew lots of cabbages, making veggies never to miss on our dining tables. We, […] Read more »