Polish Christmas Eve Traditions

Polish Christmas Traditions: How We Celebrate Christmas Christmas Eve is one of the most important days to celebrate in Poland. It is so much fun to prepare for the holidays—beautiful family time and memories. We Poles are taking a week to get ready for Christmas. Shopping, cooking, and enjoying all that time together. On Christmas Eve, we are finishing up the last minute shopping and cooking. In the morning, we decorate a fresh Christmas tree. A lot of our decorations are rooted in folklore and hand made that have a symbolical meaning. We sit down at the table when the […] Read more »

Memorable Polish Christmas Traditions and Hunter Stew Recipe

  The Christmas season is around the corner again. It is the best memories of any person’s childhood because so many delightful flavors come flooding in. These are memories where dishes flavored with excitement, happiness, and curiosity. No other memory is as exciting and as sharp as that of Christmas cheesecake, homemade pierogis, and mushroom soup. Christmas fare was always characterized by aromas of cooking when I was growing up. My family members loved hanging out in the kitchen as we helped in cooking. As the aromas flew about from the kitchen, I often dashed out, playing with cousins and […] Read more »

Tips for Healthy Holidays!

  The holidays are finally here, and Christmas are around the corner. This is the time to go out with a bunch of friends for some magnificent feasts. However, amid all celebrations, cooking a couple of favorite dishes for the perfect occasion is a good move. Although it can be challenging for some people, trying out something new is essential.  Even with all the temptation, it is essential to participate in a mindful way to the cooking process. This way, it will be easy to make smart and healthy food choices and enjoy the thanksgiving feast. I can help you […] Read more »

How to Nourish Your Body During Winter Time

  “When we adjust our diet and lifestyle to match the season, health-promoting digestive microbes dramatically change. Winter microbes support balanced immunity, digestion, mood, energy, blood sugar, weight, sleep – and much more. Winter is also associated with the qualities of ‘Vata,’ which are cold, air, dry and light. To stay balanced, focus on food and activities that are warm, moist, heavy, and oily.” – John Douillard The body needs special nourishment and care during the winter. Winter is the dark and cold season of the year. It is a time to go inward, a time of reflection, slowing down, […] Read more »

Traditional Polish Mushroom Soup for Christmas

Oh, my beloved Christmas dish- Mushroom soup. It is a traditional Polish culinary treasure. Every time I make this soup, it feels like it is Christmas at home and takes me back to my childhood memories.  The tradition of Mushroom soup doesn’t start with Christmas in Poland. It goes back to fall, when is the time for mushrooms hunting in the forest for mushrooms. Mushroom hunting is a huge custom tradition in Poland that no one wants to skip!  It was also my favorite time of the year, where all Poles couldn't wait for the mushroom season to start. After […] Read more »

The Best Herb Guide to Boring Dishes

Say Goodbye to Boring Dishes, Here’s the Best Herb Guide Christmas 2020 is around the corner, and you can’t be forgiven for cooking boring dishes any more. Here is a guide to the Top 10 herbs that will convert your plain meals into flavorful feasts. You can tantalize the taste buds of your family and friends without altering the composition of salts, sugars, and fats in foods. Your favorite Paleo dishes could do with some uplifting complexity. Know how to use each of these products that Mother Earth gifted us to make delightful and unforgettable mealtimes. One big benefits of […] Read more »