Do I Have Estrogen Dominance?

What is Estrogen Dominance? A lot of women are becoming more and more aware of the vital roles that hormones play within the balance of our bodies.  Estrogen dominance is one of the more common hormonal imbalances that occur in modern-day women. It has been referred to by Dr. Lam as “Hormonal imbalance of the 21st century”. It is a very near and dear subject to my heart as I have personally experienced Estrogen dominance for years. It is a condition where a woman can have excessive, normal, or deficient estrogen while having little or no progesterone to help balance […] Read more »

Hormone Disrupting Additives Are Impacting Your Hormones - Go Figure

Hormone Disrupting Additives - The Consequences Do you know what is in your food? Do you check labels? Do you know that packaged food is impacting and harming your health and hormones? Additives added to your packed food have serious side-effects. Most of us are uninformed of the degree to which such foods or drinks are impacting your endocrine system. The research has been found that more than 3000 additives/preservatives are being used in different foods such as cakes, bagels, bread, tortillas, muffins, drinks, processed foods, and countless other things. Those additives are not tested before they added to our […] Read more »

Why I Eat Fruit to Flush My Lymph

    The lymphatic system is responsible: not just for expelling excess liquids from the body, but also for toxin disposal. A slow lymph flow can prompt a progression of medical problems, from cellulite and sinus infection to fatigue, stomach related issues, and muscle swelling. Although exercise is the most effective way to revive a sluggish lymphatic system, I have found that consuming fewer calories and healthier foods can also make a big difference. Specific foods can slow or stall the lymph, increasing the risk of toxic buildup and contamination. The foods include things rich in sugar and salt, artificial […] Read more »