Welcome to your taste of life.

I’m Angie, a true believer that living without good food is not worth living! 

Food isn’t just fuel ~ it’s nourishment, it’s culture, it’s medicine, it’s therapy, it’s life! 

I’ve had a love affair with good food since I was a child. My family nicknamed me “The Little Taster” for suggesting improvements to the  family’s recipes. 

Good nutrition is simply the beautiful balance of feeding your body, mind and spirit what they need to be strong, healthy and whole. 

But, let’s talk about you for a second 

You can use your intuition as a guide to exquisite and nutritious food. 

You get to enjoy the moments that connecting with wholesome food can bring. 

I want to empower you to be curious and confident in the kitchen. 

My goal is to make good food available to you, your family, friends and loved ones. Guide you to delight your taste buds and live the experience of connecting with people through good food. 

The way that I teach people how to cook is not your ordinary way. Yes, you’ll get delicious recipes here, more importantly you’ll learn how to improvise recipes and use whatever you have on hand at home.

This way, I put the power back in your hands – literally!

Fun Facts About Me

I’d rather be

in nature

Nature is my church! And it’s what makes quality food possible for all of us.

grateful for

my childhood

Foraging for fresh berries, nuts, mushrooms. Going to farmer’s markets daily. Spending time with family around delicious, fresh, wholesome meals. 

favorite place

the kitchen

This is where I unwind, where I let my imagination and creative juices flow.

planning for

my next adventure

Travel and food go hand-in-hand. Nothing teaches you about culture like food…

my weekends

cooking with friends

Having friends over for a simple meal where we all laugh, prep, cook and eat together.

best snuggle buddies

my puppies

Best snuggles in the morning with warm & fuzzy puppies.

Favorite Recipe

Favorite Healing

Favorite Place to Go

Embrace Adventure, Experience Food, Embody Wellbeing

How the Journey Started

Growing up in Poland back then was so different from how I see children live today. We played outside and spent summers picking berries, nuts and mushrooms in the forests. We went to the farmers’ market daily to have fresh food for that day. 

Preparing food for the Winter was a huge tradition in my family. I remember spending time with my mother, grandmother and aunts preparing fresh, wholesome, delicious fruits and vegetables for canning, preserving, fermenting and pickling.

Everything was fresh and made from scratch. Our mealtimes were full of farm-fresh foods and homemade breads. 

Eating was a ritual, where the entire family enjoyed each other’s company. The best memories! 

Above all I remember the feeling of my young little body being so strong and full of life! 

Years later I moved to my new home in America, where I would build a new life for myself and find new opportunities. I soon discovered, when it comes to eating and food, not everyone lived the way we did in my country. 

The bread was spongy and tasted strange, the convenience meals made no sense to me. 

It wasn’t long before I started gaining weight and feeling sick all the time. My hormones seemed to be out of control. I knew the stress and hardship of navigating life in a new country were part of this downward spiraling. 

But… deep down I knew, this new way of eating weird packaged foods I didn’t recognize was playing a big part in how I felt. 

I embarked on a journey to find answers, I was determined to feel healthy, strong and full of life again. It was time to get my life back, reclaim my health and regain my energy.

The answer: organic foods and wholesome nutrition! 

A new journey began to rediscover my passion for those colorful, fresh, nourishing meals from my childhood. 

The changes were simple, the TRANSFORMATION was extraordinary! Not only did my health return, this way of life is delicious, exciting and fun! 

Health became a pleasure, food is once again a cherished experience and life is an adventure. Today, I want the same for you. 

The taste of life is here to empower you to feel your best, live a vibrant, abundant and sexy life.

A bit about my credentials: 

  • Natural Chef and Holistic Nutrition Consultant
  • Former Owner/Chef of D’Lish Very Vegetarian Restaurant in Sedona, AZ and Green Carrot Cafe in Cottonwood, AZ
  • Developed an extensive line of raw, organic, packaged foods
  • Appeared on Andrew Zimmern’s Travel Channel TV Show and local TV shows