Castor Oil Packs

Benefits Of Castor Oil Packs

The castor plant is known for many benefits, including the oil from its seeds that provides a laxative effect. This effect makes it easy to stimulate your bowels by taking the oil orally.  There are other ways in which castor oil could be beneficial to you without having to take it orally. Moreover, it has been a traditional remedy in different cultures for a very long time. Chiefly, you can use the oil pack on your lower abdomen, especially if you have reproductive complaints.

I would recommend these oil packs for you if you experience different menstrual problems such as adenomyosis, ovarian cysts, endometriosis, period pain, and fibroids. Besides, you can use castor oil if you are healing from termination, miscarriage, and an unsuccessful round of IVF. With castor oil packs, you find a better way to improve blood flow in your pelvic area, thus enhancing the softening of healed tissues after laparoscopy or cesarean birth.

However, you should not use castor oil if you are pregnant, trying to conceive, or still bleeding.

Some people find it relaxing to use the oil for menstruation while others remain skeptical about it. On that note, I would advise you to be cautious if you decide to use them during your periods, especially if you are prone to flooding or heavy flow. In this case, you should start gradually by applying a limited amount to the skin and waiting for at least 24 hours to observe the reaction before making a complete application.

Making A Castor Oil Pack by Yourself

  •  250 ml of Cold-pressed castor oil. It would be better if you found organic oil.
  • A woolen or cotton flannel that covers your lower abdomen when folded in half. In most cases, baby squares fit well for this requirement.
  • A heating pad or a hot water bottle
  •  An additional cling fil, small towel, or muslin square to provide cover for the pack as you use it.
  • Old towels and clothes to wear underneath to reduce staining that is mostly associated with castor oil.
  • A glass container such as a jar or a Tupperware to enable the soaking of flannel in the castor oil.

Note that making the first castor oil pack could be messy, thus the need to avoid your favorite sheets. However, the exercise gets easier once you get the knack, and there won’t be any mess after that.

Be warned that hot oil can easily burn. Therefore, you should be cautious and use a resistant water bottle.


  • Fold the cloth into a size that will entirely cover your abdomen
  • Ensure that the folded fabric fits into the glass container even if it means folding it further.
  • Use castor oil to saturate the cloth. While castor oil is very thick, you may find it hard to make it dripping wet but with an increase in temperature, the oil will become runnier.
  • Select the best playlist that provides relaxing music. On the contrary, you could remain in silence and enjoy yourself.
  • Place the old towel on the platform you choose to lie on and make yourself comfortable.
  • Place the heating pad or the hot water bottle, soaked cloth, and glass container next to you.
  • Switch off your phone.
  • Gently remove the cloth by unfolding it and putting it across the lower abdomen.
  • Cover the saturated towel with another old towel provided it is not plastic.
  • Apply heat on top of the cloth using the hot water bottle or the heating pad.
  • Utilize the time to concentrate on the current happenings such as through meditation, taking deep breaths, reading a book, or sleeping. The pack should remain on for 30 to 60 minutes.
  • After the preferred time elapses, you should use the glass container to store the saturated cloth. Ensure that you make necessary preparations for the best storage of the cloth as you may need to use it for more than thirty times. However, there are some instances in that you will need to top up the cloth with extra oil for the ultimate experience.
  • Wipe off any oil while it is still wet to ease the process. If you wish to remove the oil long afterward, you may need to use additional products such as a combination of water and baking soda for easy and fast removal. The best ratio for the combination is one teaspoon to a pint of water.

I would recommend that you do the pack for three days consecutively. Also, you could try out the practice before bedtime and repeat the process for one to three months and assess the benefits you receive.


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