Menstruation – Can You Approach It Like A Spiritual Practice?

The Spiritual Practice of Menstruation

The menstrual cycle entails a lot of things besides what is covered in biology as a discipline. Likewise, sex and childbirth incorporate so much more than the concepts explained in the mechanics. The idea of the menstrual cycle cannot be ignored as it determines one’s life. Women life is built around the menstrual cycle whether you acknowledge it or not, whether you recognize its significance or not. Every individual who exits and lives under a similar roof with others experience the impacts generated by the menstrual cycle of women living there. Therefore, there is no significant reason why one should not pay attention to the menstrual cycle. A lot of things will trigger sense, and eventually, you will realize more sense.

The manufacturers of The Pill use captivating slogans to capture the attention of women, for instance, “Feel the same every day,” this has led to the widespread usage of these drugs. The continuous use of The Pill has almost turned into an epidemic among young women, which subject the Earth and the feminine population to a crisis. Therefore, we should take hold of our rite-births, understand our bodies better and get back the mysteries in women’s’ blood.

In most women, the menstrual cycle exhibit magic features. For instance, every cycle provides a woman with a chance to discover essential information regarding her body and understand her healing needs. Also, each period gives a woman an opportunity to gain both personal and spiritual development. For a woman to be in the capacity to connect with potential signs sent by the cycle, she must monitor her menstrual cycle closely at it occurs repeatedly.

The failure of women to connect with their cycle and the habit of overlooking essential body messages contribute to distressing symptoms in women today during their menstrual cycle. Some of the messages inform us about important aspects such as emotional or physical needs and imbalances. Symptoms triggered by the menstrual cycles usually alert us about the presence of harmful substances or things in our lives ranging from what we consume, the people we associate with, where we work as well as the amount of stress we encounter in our lives.

Basic and Striking Facts about Women

The menstrual cycles of women are affected by the moon phases. The menstrual cycle in women is compared to the moon phases also known as lunation cycles. These two cycles appear to be similar, for instance, in the ancient days, ovulation in women occurred when the moon was full. The menstrual flow started when the moon was dark. We have a special gland known as the pineal gland, that is located in the brain, and this gland communicates with the ovary through hormones to release an ovum. The release of an egg is based on the amount of light that our brain senses during the night when we are sleeping. If there is too much light in the night as a result of the full moon, we experience ovulation. Those women that live in the country and women in primitive communities are more likely to coincide with the phases of the moon. Experiencing ovulation during the full moon implies that we had menstrual flow when the moon turns dark, the moment when the energy we have is more inwardly focused. This connection is based on the premise that both lunation and menstrual cycles take an average of 28 days.

Our initial predisposition to be in sync with the lunation cycle of the moon has been disrupted by the modern lifestyles. This is because nowadays we experience constant bright lights and artificial lights that confuse our body. As times goes, the biological structure of our fertility cycles keeps on changing making it completely different from the initial cycles. You can imagine the level of disruption this causes to us. We should not only focus on the lunation cycle as our guide but also synchronize with others the way we do at some points in life.

Majority of the women out there have little knowledge about the relationship between the moon phases and menstrual cycle. They have no idea about the phases of the moon. If they start continuous observation of the moon as it follows its path in the sky and performs waxing eventually, they will start synchronizing their menstrual cycles with the moon phases. They experience ovulation at the time the moon is full and bleed when the moon darkens or vice versa based on their stage in life. However, synchronization can change as a result of external factors.

A woman can ovulate twice a month. All women can ovulate twice during the cycle at a single phase of the moon, commonly known as Lunar Ovulation. Many pregnancies that occur by the time women believe they are not fertile occur during the lunar ovulation period. This kind of ovulation usually happens when the lunar returns at the same time as your regular cycle. The second ovulation is experienced whenever the lunar returns except at the time you are fully breastfeeding, however, this does not happen among all the women.

A woman can identify her lunar return especially as you ovulate the second time each month. You need to identify the various phases of the moon that corresponds to the day you were born.

Women were considered the World’s first Shamans. The word shaman was the title given to the medicine people both men and women. Shamans used unique powers and special talents to heal people suffering from different diseases. They were able to use their unique abilities to gather information from hidden realms that were used to facilitate the healing process among the sick. Shamans used drumming and trance to communicate with nature to retrieve useful information. Majority of the people believed that men were the only people entitled to perform the role of a shaman; however, the anthropologists and archeologists discovered that the first shamans were women. This could be true because women encounter prophetic dreams and strategic communications at different times of their cycles.

It is believed that menstruation and ritual share a common name r’ku, which is a Sanskrit word. The word “mens” which forms the root of menstruation is similar to that of the month, moon and measurement. In ancient times, the calendar and estimation of time were based on the occurrence of the menstrual cycle among women.

Therefore, the menstrual cycle is a cycle within a cycle. The most significant cycle in a woman is built around her life. In this case, her life endeavors are compared to the seasons of the Earth. For example, spring represents Maiden, Autumn represents Maga, then Winter and Summer represents Crone and Mother respectively.

Each cycle that occurs in women is similar to other periods, what differentiates them is their length. The stages in cycles comprise of birth, growth, full bloom, harvest, decay, death, and rebirth. The menstrual cycle falls under the same category and is partitioned into four significant quarters just like the four seasons of the Earth. The cycle is based on week 1, 2, 3 and 4, which reflects the four quarters. Women who experience a period consistently shorter or longer than 28/29 days imply that such women have their first half either shortened or lengthened. The second half of the period is always constant regardless of the ovulation. Each week making up the fertility cycle is different just the same way we have different earth seasons. Every week within the period has unique features that create opportunities for the spiritual practice among women, and that is what I am speaking of in this article. For instance, the first week represents spring energy. Week two resembles the summer season. Finally, week three and four represent autumn and winter respectively. Our inclination, messages, and energy levels are different for each week. As a result, they collectively indicate the physical situations during the menstrual cycles that are related to the emotional circumstances.

Therefore, a woman who identifies where she is within the menstrual cycle can easily cope up with the flow and manage her life throughout the period. It is possible for a woman to begin a new project during the first and second week of her cycle. You should not allow the period to steal away your freedom, express creative urges and attend parties. However, you should plan to complete everything in your third week. At this time, you need to stay indoors and be on retreat when experiencing the menstrual flow. The third and fourth week give you less strife especially if you know that you will be retreating when bleeding commences. Therefore, you will be anticipating for the coming of the blood and be ready to forego some things in your life. The outline below shows the possible psychological and emotional energies of the menstrual cycle weekly that you are dealing with, if you are not sure, give it a try. You will notice the direct connection if you understand the lunation cycle.

Week One (the first day to the seventh day): The period is marked by the Death Rebirth Phase. Inwardly focused and quiet. At this point, women may create unpleasant situations so that they are isolated from others or prepare for the retreat by figuring out how the new cycle will look like. It is recommended that you abandon ways, and attitudes that are less useful to you. This can be done through spiritual prayers and literally with your blood.

You are likely to experience spring energy, which develops at the time the bold ceases to flow. This period is suitable for metaphorically adopting new ways in preparation for the next cycle. At the time of menstrual flow: “I experience quietness, inside,” “I hate being disturbed or interrupted.” Afterward: “I feel week and vulnerable,” “I feel like I’m leaving the world” “Here I come again.”

Week Two (from eighth to the fourteenth day): High Energy Creative Phase. At this level, the summer energy facilitates the building of sexual, physical and creative energy to reach the peak during ovulation. You experience urgent creative feelings, increased awareness of self and other people around you. You get attracted to the physical appearance you will hear many saying, “I feel happy, excited, full of energy,” “I can do anything!”

Week Three (form fifteenth to the twenty-first day): Coming Down and Harvest Phase, the stage that relies on autumn energy. In most cases, the outcomes of ovulation, mainly known as Post ovulatory descent may be accompanied by failure or pride. This implies that it can either be positive or negative depending on the woman. For instance, some women may experience elation while others encounter feelings of failure; the variation is caused by the action of the ovum to die unfertilized. You will hear some women saying, “I lost my chance” a situation that makes them feel less important. However, some may feel comfortable and proud of what they have achieved. Therefore, it is normal when women feel a sense of regret or relief during the cycle. This occurs at the time they miss the pregnancy literally or metaphorically. At some point, you feel like doing away with unnecessary kinds of stuff that may be surrounding you. The desire for change especially ways or things that are no longer useful to you should be implemented during this stage. The practice may be fruitful or results in more troubles. The reaction that you give to such changes depends on the amount of time you’ve lived ignoring them in your life. It occurs to trigger your attention as you experience the current phase and prepare. “All the things I do appear hard to me,” “Nothing is working.” “I’ve been tied up, and I’m happy now I can take a rest.”

Week Four (from twenty-second to the twenty-eighth day): Distillation and Clarity Phase. The stage involves the use of winter energy. The outcomes of this cycle can be felt and seen by women. Normally, you may feel happy about your position in life or show no regrets. Lessons from this cycle are available to be seen and felt, like being ready to forego some things and surrender. You may lose personal interest in others, experience emotional discrepancies that are inwardly focused. Leave me alone, don’t inquire everything that I do” “I understand the whole thing now,” I am going to let it go then prepare for the coming cycle.

Furthermore, this all goes for the relating moon stages and the seasons too. Understanding the method for cycles carries with its familiarity with the stream of vitality, the knowledge in that stream and the chance to be in synchrony with that stream.

I think, respecting her fertility cycle is a lady’s obligation. It is in truth one way she can partake, in amending the lopsided characteristics that have been made through not regarding the feminine. Its an issue that we should address so we can live agreeably on our planet. Through respecting your menstrual cycle, you help recuperate the “injured female” the side effects of which desolate the Earth and the more significant part of her kin. By regarding her period, a lady praises the female, the dull, the lush, the baffling, the feminine intensity of imagination, sexuality and our Mother Earth.

Signs of the Menstrual Cycle

I was conversing with a young lady about her cycle, beginning to lead into the stream of the vitality in our periods and how she could be with that to best suit her life and I asked her ‘Are you on the pill?’ ‘Yes,’ she was 21 and had been on it for a long time since she had a terrible period torment at 14. I recommended the idea that her body was giving her a message that she wasn’t paying attention to that possibly she should rest in bed with a high-temperature water bottle. She said that nothing had worked, and her mom even planned to take the day away from work to care for her. I didn’t feel I had the permit to make the discussion more profound, yet if I did, I would have gotten some information about what she expected to do at 14 to stand out enough to be noticed, to get her needs met?

What’s more, I would speculate that her entire story would unwind and she would ‘see’ that what had been going on in her life concerning her needs being met or not, was showing through her cycle, her period torment. Rather than accepting the open the door to ‘hear’ her body address her of her needs – physical, passionate and otherworldly needs, and any awkward nature, she was put on The Pill.

The several physical and related feeling indications that you encounter through your cycle means that you have some things to work through. We call it Premenstrual Syndrome. We may see happen as early as two weeks before our bleeding day. Listen to the information your body is giving to you; back off, pull back from the frantic of the outside world and take care of yourself, not every other person. In your premenstrual week, you feel less outwardly and want calm uninterrupted alone time.

The other thing that occurs in the third and fourth seven day stretch of the cycle is that everything that is not working in your life appears like a disaster, but in reality, it is not. It is a way of releasing, releasing the old that is not serving us, all unwanted stuff from or life and letting go. We release it with our blood because that is the cleansing time in our cycle. You will hear your internal knowledge and have new thoughts regarding how to do things another way for those old fashioned ways you let it run off with your blood. Furthermore, the thoughtful and insightful energy that characterizes this period of the cycle encourages this incredible chance; your internal pre-winter pruning.

When your bleeding time is over, you will gain the necessary knowledge to carry you through the new cycle.

Observe your patterns, your sexual want, and your body mindfulness. You can experience feeling much more sexual around ovulation. Women feel more expressive and expansive, feel more secure and beautiful around that time. This is happening because their vulva and vagina have more blood flow just before our menstrual cycle. Estrogen and progesterone levels drop during this phase our testosterone level increases and our sex drive is higher.

The symptoms you experience during the menstrual cycle depends on many different factors. They include what you eat, what you think, exercise, and what you do with your body. Eating healthy, regular yoga and reflection practice are the best things you can do to ensure your system is well regulated and functions optimally.

Here are some ways to align with your menstrual cycle.

Week one.
Retreat from the hustle and bustle of the world, even only for a night. Take a bath with essential oils. Give rose, clary sage and geranium a shot. Letting go ceremonies are great. If your moon happens to be in a full moon that is an excellent opportunity to perform a small ceremony. Connect to your womb and listen. Drop deep and dig deep. You can work with gems like a carnelian. Carnelian: relates explicit to the sacral chakra and our innovative focus, it conveys equalization to the hallowed female organs and engages the feminine. Moonstone: gives an adjusting recuperating vitality, particularly of the feelings which might be in an open and delicate space. It aids the parity and attention to our hormones in their “move” through our cycle. It is likewise a perfect stone to wear when it’s one’s blood time as it helps us to remember our association with the moon and all her and our rhythms. Moonstone consoles us when we are in withdraw. Garnet: could be worn entirely as a result of its deep dark red shade and its reverberation to our physical involvement with this time.

Additionally, it keeps one grounded and fortifies the recuperating energy of the Earth with our heart. Explore different avenues regarding envisioning by making specific inquiries you had always wanted. Conjure a particular Goddess. A prime example to be with you amid your blood time, maybe Maeve or Kali. Draw or paint. Reflect – with or without inquiries and maybe focus on what it is you will relinquish with your blood this cycle.

Do light exercise, for example, strolling in nature, yin yoga or yoga nidra. Feed yourself well. Utilize different clothes at blood time, similar to red shaded! Utilize red towels. Be benevolent to yourself – run with your menstrual flow! Make Blood Prayers – gather your blood and offer it to the Earth. The Earth transmutes everything that benefits to her, your petitions for your new cycle are made fresh from that.

Week Two.
Apply creative vitality, make something at that time. Express your sexuality, be liberal, happy and free with your expression. Commend the dynamism of your ovulation (just like you would the full moon). Devote your egg to something you wish to give the creative life power to.

Week Three.
Appreciate what you have accomplished, made, prevailing in this cycle and let go of what you haven’t. Try not to beat yourself up. Begin to see the things that aren’t working in your life and prepare to release them with your blood. Try not to begin any new undertakings, rather complete things off.

Week Four.
Be ready as you near the time of your periods, alter your plans around it. Cook in anticipation of your withdraw time. Make a pot of healthy soup that you can do without. Take a step back and begin to envision how you need your next cycle to go. The entire menstrual cycle is a catalytic procedure in itself, to discharge intends to survive in a recurrent transmutation in which the past is shed and the new in welcomed.

Identify and respect the Rites of Passage and introduce your children to womanhood. Rites of passage of becoming a woman are essential teaching for young girls. They prepare them to enter new roles of womanhood. Recall the time you had your first menarche and what it taught you about being a woman of substance. Identify and learn about the parameters in perimenopause and menopause; these are essential stages of woman transformation.

The menstrual cycle is a valuable gift especially when you aware of it. It occurs regardless of the level of energy we possess. Therefore, it is essential that you have enough awareness around it so instead of feeling like the period is a drain to our body we will use it for empowerment. To wrap up, I still emphasize that there are so many transformational wonders that happen to women during their periods. I want you to think about this though.. you know, if all women would decide to come together through prayers and purposeful intentions maybe even resynchronize our cycles with the moon and with each other – we could use this energy to heal the planet.

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