Tips for Healthy Holidays!

The holidays are finally here, and Christmas are around the corner. This is the time to go out with a bunch of friends for some magnificent feasts. However, amid all celebrations, cooking a couple of favorite dishes for the perfect occasion is a good move. Although it can be challenging for some people, trying out something new is essential. 

Even with all the temptation, it is essential to participate in a mindful way to the cooking process. This way, it will be easy to make smart and healthy food choices and enjoy the thanksgiving feast. I can help you with some simple health tips to make your celebrations thankful. However, you must ensure to pitch in and plan ahead.

Here are some tips to have a healthy holiday!

Before attending a party or a gathering, it is essential to prepare something in advance. This way, you will have something healthy to eat while at the party. You don’t have to feel bad about it or even afraid to bring extra dishes to share with others. Carrying your food to a gathering is not rude but rather a sign that you are taking care of yourself hence making the event more fun.

To prevent looking rude, ensure to call the host in advance and ask what they will be serving. This will help you get prepared before attending the party. When making your food, ensure that your recipe is from real whole food as this will inspire others that it is possible to make healthy foods that taste amazing.

Eat Your Breakfast and Avoid Showing Up Hungry

When attending a party, take some time, and eat a healthy breakfast. This will help you get control of your appetite when the big meal is served. Therefore, your breakfast should contain fiber, fat, and protein. With such foods, you will stabilize your blood sugar and will not be a victim of extreme cravings while at the party. You can also include half avocado, dark leafy greens, and some eggs on your plate.

Additionally, depending on the time of the event, you can as well have some mini-meals before getting to the event. Eating shortly before the feast will help regulate your eating habits and prevent you from feeding on anything. Additionally, having a small meal before the party will help maintain balanced blood sugar levels. So, try one of these protein-rich mini foods.

Load Up On Veggies

When it comes to vegetables, there is no shame in eating as much, but you must ensure they are non-starchy. Veggies like Brussels sprouts, kales, and salads have fewer calories and are super nutritious. So, don’t limit yourself vegetables are plenty, and you can choose any as long as you watch out on starchy ones.

Taste First

Focus on savoring the food instead of inhaling it. When it comes to being healthy and feeling good, you have to pay attention and moderation to portion sizes. Ensure to enjoy every bite by chewing your food and eating slowly too. Going slow will allow you to taste the food you are eating and feel good. Additionally, if you feel the need for eating that extra piece of the pie, go for it. I know the relationship of food is a struggle that makes people feel a little guilty about it.

Ask For Healthy Options

Regardless of where you the party is, you have to feel confident when it comes to taking care of yourself. Always ask for healthy options over what is served regardless of how uncomfortable it feels. The host will always understand, hence give you the right directions on the same.

Check with Yourself before Eating

If you don’t feel comfortable asking the host for other healthy options, then make a meeting with yourself. Ask yourself whether you have given your body proper considerations and taken care of yourself today. Go deeper and ask yourself whether you are feeling anxious or stressed. Depending on the results of your personal interrogations, take a few minutes, and take deep breaths. This alone time will help minimize your chances of overeating.

Be Confident

One thing about parties is that people often feel the need to apologies for their choice of food and so on. However, it is all about you, and you shouldn’t be worried about what others will think or say. A happy and healthy holiday is about being present in the moment. Remember, that one meal is not enough to make you obese, therefore, enjoy the meals and the company but also have portion control.

Digestive Enzymes

Digestive enzymes will help your body break down the food and feel better. This is an essential healthy trick that will help you bounce back on track even after you have gone down the trail. As you focus on flushing toxins out of the body and reduce acidic waste that leads to fatigue and bloating. 



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