Keeping Your Sexuality Active As You Age

A Healthy and Active Sex Life as You Age

Some experts have described sexual energy as life force. As a sexual being, it is your vital essence. You might have heard some negative sentiments about sexuality and its relation to aging. Well, aging has some bearing on sexual drive, but you can do many things to maintain an active sexual life as you get older and older.   

You Need to Work on Your Libido

Do you believe that you’ll lose your libido as you age? Do you think you are done sexually and that your sex life ends when you attain menopause? If yes, it might be because someone, or society, made you believe this. You may not know that your libido is something you need to nurture to keep it alive. Your sexual desire depends on your driving force, passion, and creativity. 

You need to keep working on your libido and not just sit back and let it fade away. It is like a car that may fail to start the next time you try to drive it if allowed to stay idle for months. Don’t let anyone lie to you that your libido depends on another person. It is up to you to keep it alive! It is your job and your energy. You have to keep the engine running.   

Sexual force is Dynamic

Statistics illustrate that most people in America are currently living single. However, being alone doesn’t mean you can’t be sexually active. If you are in peri-menopause and you believe this is the reason for your low libido, then there are many things you need to do to fire up your libido. You need to have an active sexual life to feel alive and joyful. 

You just need to be creative to re-explore, redetermine, rejuvenate, expand, renew, and nurture your sexual life. As you age, your sexual force also changes. So you can’t live your life as if you are still young. A lot of things have changed, including your sexuality. So you need to put in more effort to maintain your sexuality. 

Allow yourself to be sexually active?

You are a sexual being, so permit yourself to be just that. Don’t try to hold yourself back from enjoying self-pleasure. Let no one make you feel bad, wrong, or dirty when you engage in self-pleasure. 

Just like exercise is good for maintaining endurance and strength, sex can also do the same to your vaginal tissue. Since your vaginal tissue dries and thins as you age, you need to keep it active to remain moisturized, vibrant, and full of energy and blood. It doesn’t matter whether you get sexual pleasure from a partner or use other means such as self-pleasure. Consider this as one of your self-care activities. 

Experiencing orgasm reduces your stress level and makes you feel happier! The orgasm triggers your brain to release serotonin and dopamine, which are the hormones responsible for the feeling of pleasure. As you age, don’t treat your vagina as foreign by not paying attention to it and not stimulating it. Let it be the part of your body that you are most conscious about so you can continue being sexually active even as you age.  

Has your Monogamous relationship led to monotony?

If you are in a monogamous relationship, you may realize that you’ve become so used to your partner that everything you do becomes monotonous, including your sexual activities. To some extent, you’ll even feel scared to reinvigorate and reinvent yourselves. 

Consider this; if you are unconscious and unproductive at your workplace, you’ll likely get fired. Likewise, if your work routine becomes monotonous, you’ll feel like you want to change your job. What about your sex life? If you aren’t conscious of your sexual life, your sexual desire will die naturally. 

On the other hand, if you keep having sex at the same place, time, and style, monotony will set in, and you’ll never enjoy sex. What follows is that your sexual desire will fade off. So, what do you need to do? Discuss with your partner so you can change your place of having sex, time, and style. 

Be adventurous and explore new ways of keeping your sex life vibrant. Sex isn’t a chore, so it shouldn’t be part of your to-do list. You don’t need to schedule it. It is something that should come about naturally. Remember that your sexual energy isn’t the same energy you use for your daily chores. It is a special energy that must be expended uniquely to bring satisfaction.  

 You Remain a Sexual Being, No Matter Your Age 

Your sexual energy has a bearing on all aspects of your life and drives your passion. As stated earlier, it is a vital force in your life. As a woman, you might not be aware of this energy you possess and how you can use it positively in your life. 

Maybe many negative messages have been thrown at you concerning your sexuality. Someone might have told you that, traditionally, being sexually active equals being wrong, evil, or promiscuous.  

As you grow with that thinking, you may have developed some unfounded psychological beliefs about your sexuality. You base these beliefs on the messages you received, which have conditioned your thinking. 

You continue to receive sexual harassment, body image, pornography, and sex addiction messages. The government also infringes on women’s rights by influencing sexual decisions. Statements like this may make you feel like your sex life is controlled by external forces. It may make you feel that you have no control and must conform to society’s demands. 

Society believes that sex and beauty are a preserve of the youth. As you age, society expects you to watch what you buy, how you dress, and even what you buy into. Society would want you to feel sexually dry and have no need to make yourself look sexually attractive and agile. You may end up believing all this. But are you aware that your life energy or sexuality becomes more fantastic and intense as you age? 

It is your power to expand and nurture your sexual energy and eliminate any bad feelings you’ve developed towards it. 

It is not rare for women in their mid-40s and above to feel no longer visible to men. They stop working towards turning men’s heads because they believe no one sees anything sexual in them. Don’t be a victim of this, and start putting some effort into your sexuality. You may be ‘invisible’ to some men but not to all. Better still, you can never be invisible to yourself and those who care about you. So, continue investing in yourself to improve your sexuality. 

Women in their mid-’40s and above have an exceptional sonority about them. If you identify with this age group, you need to remind yourself that you are alive in a way that you just don’t realize. If you can start concentrating on your body, you will boost this vibrancy and ignite hidden sexual power beyond your wildest imagination.

Keep your sexuality Alive 

To maintain your libido as you age, there are lots of things you need to keep moving. Moving your body keeps your energy flowing. 

You also need to consider meditations/prayers, sunlight, grounding, and nutrition. You also need to discard the belief that you won’t be sexually active after menopause. 

Sex helps you release anxiety and stress, which allows you have a healthy life as you age. Another critical factor that can help keep your sexuality alive is your relationship. If your relationship becomes dull and stale, so will your sex life. 

It would be best if you worked hard to maintain a healthy relationship. A healthy relationship doesn’t come by itself; it needs your input. Discuss with your partner 


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