Does Menopause Cause Anxiety?

Coping with Menopause-Related Anxiety

Reaching the age of menopause is one of the most difficult symptoms for us women to cope. To make things worst, yes, menopause anxiety is real. 

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What is Anxiety? 

Anxiety is like a build-up of pressuring emotions in our mind. So to alleviate the pressure, we need to vent out our anxiety. Don’t worry, you’re not alone in this journey. 

Alleviating Ways to Vent Out Your Menopause Anxiety 

Just so you know, talking about your menopause anxiety can be therapeutic. Feel free to talk about your menopause anxiety. Here are alleviating ways to vent out your menopause anxiety: 

  1. Talk to Your Friends – Sharing what you’re currently dealing with your friends is the best way to alleviate the menopause anxiety.
  2. Make a Exercise Plan – Did you know that regular exercise can help reduce menopause anxiety?Having said that, customize your own exercise plan by choosing a set of exercises that you really enjoy (this could be brisk walking, jogging, swimming, zumba, etc.) Plus, can help alleviate your anxious feeling towards menopause.
  3. Focus on Your Mindful Breathing – Whenever you feel overwhelmed, take a few minutes and be mindful of your breathing. Breathe in for the count of 7 and breathe out for the count of 10. focus on your mindful breathing until you feel calm.
  4. Allot a Me-Time for Yourself – Allotting a time for yourself, taking a time-out (away from work, family, etc.) alleviates anxiety. Spend some 10-minute me-time each day: just relax, reflect, and keep a diary/journal.
  5. Take Time to Meditate – Meditation calms our mind and as a result, alleviates menopause anxiety. It can also lower blood pressure and stress levels.
  6. Practice Yoga – Certain combos of yoga positions can help alleviate menopause anxiety and leave us feeling relaxed.
  7. Resolve the Past Emotional Issues – You have to move on and let go from the past emotional issues within you. Resolve your emotional issues to lessen the effects of menopause anxiety.
  8. Consult to a Doctor or any Medical Professional – If you feel the need to talk to a medical professional. Talk to a doctor, psychologist, counselor, gp, etc. Feel free to consult about hormonal replacement therapy (HRT)
  9. Lessen Caffeine Intake – Did you know that drinking coffee triggers anxiety? I suggest you cut back the caffeine intake to alleviate menopause anxiety.
  10. Stop Drinking Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages are a depressant. Drinking so exacerbates menopause anxiety so stop drinking alcohol. 
  11. Use Herbal and Homeopathic Remedies – Using and taking herbal and homeopathic remedies is still the best remedy to alleviate menopause anxiety. Try drinking herbal teas such as chamomile tea, which is known for its calming properties. A homeopath can also prescribe homeopathic remedies that can alleviate anxiety. 
  12. Learn More about Menopause Anxiety – Never stop learning more about the symptoms that you feel with menopause anxiety. So that you can make firm decisions about what’s best for your well-being.

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