Making Your Inner Voice Love You to Create A Life You Love

Listen to your inner voice and intuition and create the life you want to live!

A Path to Living a Life You Love

Most of us spend our whole lives looking for a way to be happy. If you ask anyone what they want, most people will say they want to be happy. What is this elusive thing called happiness? How do I find it? Some of us will never find it, not because it is impossible but because we focus on the wrong things. 

We tend to think that happiness will come from making a lot of money or getting more and more achievements, status, and prestige. The reality is the only thing that can truly make us happy is having inner peace. This comes from loving ourselves and making our inner voice love us. Our relationship with ourselves is one of the most important relationships we will have, and it will affect all our other relationships. 

Recognizing Your Inner Voice

Every time you decide on whether you should do something, there is something inside you, your inner voice, that tells you whether you should or not. Sometimes it’s there when you feel alone, and you begin to analyze yourself. It tells you what you are doing right or wrong. Does this voice encourage you, or does it bring you down? There is a way for you to control what it says and how it makes you feel, but the first step is to learn to recognize your inner voice and pay attention to the messages it’s giving you at any particular time or moment.

To know if you are listening to your inner voice, try this little experiment: 

Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and clear your mind. Don’t think about anything in particular; simply concentrate on silence. After a few minutes of focusing, you will hear a voice (more than likely one that sounds like your own). This is your inner voice; to listen to it, you need to meditate. With practice (and in time), you will be able to recognize your inner voice without needing to meditate. Now that you know how to recognize it, you will need to feed it (keep it on your side) and/or reform it (make it love you).

Feeding Your Inner Voice To Create A Life You Love

If you feel like your inner voice is your partner in crime, has your back, and loves you, then you need to feed it so that it stays on your side. Think of it like your beloved dog Scruffy. If you feed a dog, take it for walks, and nurture it, it will bring you joy, be loyal to you and give you all the snuggles you desire. If you ignore it and starve it, it will lash out at you, poop on the carpet, and run away from home. 

We don’t want that, do we? So how do we feed ourselves and our inner voice? The way to do it is through a kind of meditation. Close your eyes, empty your mind, and concentrate but instead of waiting, praise yourself for your achievements or what you’ve done that day. The key here is praising yourself for anything – big or small. Even if all you did that day was be kind to one person, that counts. Even if all you did was cook yourself a healthy breakfast but lay on the couch all day, praise yourself for cooking that breakfast. Praise yourself for the small things and get in the habit of it instead of being so hard on yourself! The thing with our inner voice is that it might not even be ours in the first place. What happens is that external voices from authority figures get internalized into the voices we hear. This is another layer where we untangle those voices and start a new kind and supportive voice in our minds. 

Reforming Your Inner Voice

Now it’s time to turn your inner voice into your superpower and biggest fan!  

There are ways to reprogram your inner voice, but it takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and patience. Don’t worry; it is worth it to live a life you love!

Here is a fantastic guide to starting reforming your inner voice:

  1. Find a place to sit or lay down where you won’t be bothered or interrupted.
  2. Close your eyes and start to meditate
  3. After 2-5 minutes of clearing the clutter in your mind, start asking your inner voice what it needs, what is wrong or bothering it. 
  4. Keep talking (in your mind, not out loud) to your inner voice and asking as many questions as you need to get to the bottom of the cause of its discomfort.
  5. Take notes or write down insights in between your questions if you want to
  6. Start making changes in your life to help your inner voice become positive and happy. 

Rewards of Reformation

Inner peace will not only bring you happiness, but it will also allow you to approach situations in a much more calm and more strategic way, allowing you to diffuse situations before they escalate into bigger problems. It can also assist you in achieving your goals. In what situation would you feel more motivated: A coach who is berating and criticizing you every chance it gets or a coach who is praising you and telling you all the good things you are doing? By reforming your inner voice, you will be able to keep yourself calm and mentally healthy regardless of what situations may arise around you. 

The secret to a happy life is making your inner voice love you and loving your inner voice. Once you have that and continue to feed it regularly, you will be unstoppable! Achievement is the icing on the cake. Often we take a backward approach where we say, “Once I achieve this or achieve that, then I’ll be happy.” Still, if we love ourselves first, then achievements will follow. We will not determine our worth by our external achievements or how much we do.  

With enough practice and discipline, you can even help those around you or teach them how to reform their inner voice and experience true peace of mind. No matter how much we try to distract ourselves, at the end of the day, we are with our inner voice, so it is well worth the time to focus on that relationship and cultivate a voice that speaks to us in kind and empowering ways. 

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