How To Choose The Right Probiotics

Which Probiotic Is Right For You?

Most of the stomach infection is geared up by the usage of high-sugar processed foods, chronic stress, dietary extremes and several other culprits including infectious parasites, yeast, and bacteria. However, it is innate in us that for any inconvenience in your body, specifically gut, one must take antibiotics to tone down a particular infection. This should not be neglected that antibiotics also have some powerful side effects for our health. If our stomach is hale and hearty, we are hale and hearty and vice versa.

Now, antibiotics may be termed as the biggest supplier of abdomen disparities. According to a survey, it is estimated that whenever you subject your stomach to the usage of antibiotics, you disturb the natural system of the abdomen for about 12 months. When we talk about the system of the stomach, we are mainly highlighting the numerous of microorganisms residing in our stomach which are responsible for several health, circulatory, and immune functions in our body.

When your stomach’s internal flora is disturbed, it gives rise to several metabolic disorders in your body such as:

● Autoimmunity
● Weight gain
● Acne
● Allergies
● Yeast infections
● Skin Rashes
● Hormonal imbalance
● Depression
● Fatigue
● And much more

Therefore, in order to combat these certain metabolic dysfunctions, probiotics are introduced to keep your stomach’s internal system well-balanced.


Probiotics are referred to as those live microorganisms which are beneficial for our health when consumed. The word ‘probiotics’ is derived from the Latin word which means ‘for life’ Probiotics have a number of essential benefits for maintaining and refining our gut flora.


The consumption of probiotics has several health benefits because of which they are highly recommended by a number of physicians. Some of the summarized health benefits of probiotics are mentioned below.

● Tackle anxiety and depression
● Maintain a healthy weight
● Refine the immune system
● Prevent bowel diseases
● Reduce traveler’s diarrhea
● Treat skin conditions


The sources of probiotics can be natural or you may take some probiotic supplements. However, the natural sources of probiotics include yogurt, pickled vegetables, Kimchi, Miso, fermented foods which include Sauerkraut. Some beverages are also providing these healthy microorganisms to our body which include Kombucha. Kombucha is usually referred to as that beverage that contains favorable animate bacteria. Other than the natural sources, probiotic supplements are also available in the market to boost up your metabolic functions quite effectively and efficiently. How to choose the right probiotic is the main question here. If you want to know how to choose the right
probiotic, proceed below.


Before diving into the knowledge of how to choose the right probiotic supplements, there is a need to mention some highly beneficial strains which are used to make probiotics. There are several functions of these strains. However, the most repeated strains are:

● Lactobacillus
● Bifidobacterium
● Saccharomyces

There are several advantages of all these strains for keeping your metabolic functions refined and improved.


Lactobacillus flourishes the abdomen with various organisms that help in the smooth running of the digestive system. It primarily inhabits the small bowel area. There many species of lactobacillus which are helpful to refine the gut flora. However, the most important one is Lactobacillus acidophilus. This certain lactobacillus helps to fight gut
distention significantly. Moreover, some species of lactobacillus also help to tackle anxiety and depression.


Bifidobacterium is commonly known as the Bifidus and it inhabits in the large intestine of humans. The most important benefit of these Bifidobacterium is that they strength the cells of the colon by supplying short-chain butyrate fatty acid. The butyrate produced by the Bifidobacterium not only strengthens the colon cells but it also regulates insulin production, as well as memory production. Bifidobacterium is also known to tackle certain cancers, especially colon cancer. Moreover, it helps to contour the midriff perimeter by toning down the food intake.


Saccharomyces is termed as a friendly yeast. It is necessary for the optimum functioning of the gut flora. It is mainly used to tackle unfriendly yeast which also living the gut of humans. It is also used to protect the underline covering of the stomach walls.


There are many types of probiotics available in the market but a major question arises here that how to choose the best-fit probiotics for oneself. In this article, we are going to cover all the points essential for picking up the right probiotics that will be harmonious with one’s gut flora.

Look for Diversified Ingredients

Your stomach is a diversified region, then your probiotic supplements should also be diversified. Choose those probiotics which are rich in strains. These strains are occasionally written as a proprietary blend. Some brand only contains some strains of Lactobacillus acidophilus. However, there are other brands that are making sure to add other probiotics too such as Saccharomyces boulardii, Bifidobacterium, and Strep. Thermophilus.

Billions are Healthier

Millions may sound okay but when it comes to probiotic supplements, it is certainly not enough. Therefore, you should choose that one that covers billions of creatures. The dose of probiotic is calculated in colony-forming units (CFU’s). It primarily estimates the strength of the probiotics. You should choose that probiotic which has 5 to 100 billion CFU. However, it is advised that you should start intaking lesser amounts and gradually increase the dose depending upon the tolerance of your body.

Pick Dairy-free

You should search for a probiotic supplement that is dairy-free and comprises about 30 billion CFUs. These 30 billion CFUs contain 15 billion CFU of Lactobacillus and 15 billion of CFUs of Bifidobacterium. The guarantee of the presence of these strains is done by the manufacturer in terms of the expiration date of the probiotic.

Remove Probiotics with Binders and Fillers

This one point should not be ignored if you’re picking up any probiotic for improving your gut flora. Most of the probiotics have a considerable amount of unwanted fillers and binders which include cornstarch and lactose. These can have several side effects in your body and may result in the distending of your stomach, as well as gas. Therefore, if you’re subtle to such ingredients, you must avoid purchasing such probiotics.

Never Ignore the Expiration Date

If you’re purchasing any probiotic supplement, you must not neglect the expiration date of the probiotics. This is because one the expiration date has elapsed; the potency and the strength of probiotics are not failsafe. Therefore, you must make sure the probiotic supplement you’re using doesn’t go depraved. It is usually recommended to refrigerate the probiotic supplement, however, proper guidance and storage tips and perfectly exhibited on the label of the probiotic.

The Bottom Line

These are the few tips on how to choose the right probiotic supplement for oneself. However, every human being is different from the other. Therefore, these should be taken as prescribed by the physician and never overdose the probiotic supplement as you’ve probably heard excess of everything is bad. However, it is highly recommended that you must consult your physician first before taking any probiotic capsules or powders. Moreover, keep these probiotic supplements out of the reach of children.

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