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Hormonal Balance – Pomegranate Health

Pomegranate has been a significant historical fruit due to its mystery and magic. Ancient Greeks, Romans, Indians, Chinese, and the Middle East considered it as energizing and life-giving. Besides, the fruit has gained recognition in significant religions as a symbol of the Garden of Paradise, and the fruit of life. By eating it, the people developed a belief of invincibility and rebirth. As a symbol of civilization, the fruit was considered of power and legend. It was named “the jewel of winter” for it was used as a medicine that treated several symptoms. Today, studies have shown that Pomegranates antioxidant property has a diverse range of benefits.

A Woman’s Life

Pomegranate is customary beneficial to women. These benefits include hormonal balance, health, beauty, and fertility. It is useful for women of all ages. The “Doctrine of signatures” in herbal tradition relates the similarity of a plant to their medical relevance to the body. This means that a person can tell that a plant can heal a certain condition by its appearance and position. Galen, who is a prominent Greek healer says that the “doctrine of the signatures” is a historical idea that was left by the creator as a sign about these plants to inform about their purpose. The application of this idea appreciates the form and color of the pomegranate and the medicinal properties that it has. The round fruit is reddish and has seeds that are surrounded by sacs filled with fluids. The seeds are enclosed in their membranes such as the milk glands due to their identical appearance, structure, and order. The numerous follicles of the pomegranate resemble the shape and structure of the ovaries. Another correlation is the
heart’s shape and color of the fruit and the blood-like red. Modern science has supported the notion by discovering the benefits that the seeds, juice, peel, flowers, and stem have. They improve heart health and breast condition, fight infertility, promote hormonal balance, and play a significant role in skincare.

History of Pomegranates

Pomegranates have been used for different purposes. The origin of this fruit can be traced to Afghanistan and Iran. Eating the fruit helped a person to become invincible according to Persian mythology. Pomegranate was valued for its beauty and symbolized abundance, fertility, and sanctity in Judaism with every seed considered to represent each commandment in the bible. Christians viewed the tree as a symbol of fertility. Islamic couples usually open the fruit while entering their tent or house because many seeds ensure that they reproduce. As common as it is as a fertility symbol, it is squeezed on the sides of the streets of India to ensure fertility in young wives. It is for a good reason that food has gained a theme of abundance, strength, well-being, and fertility in different cultures.

Health Value of Pomegranates

Breast Health, Anticancer and Estrogen Modulator

Pomegranate has both oestrogenic and anti-oestrogenic properties. Its extracts have the potential to destroy cancer cells, which are either estrogen-positive or estrogen-negative. According to his report about Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, Dr. Lansky studies suggested that his unique pomegranate extracts suppressed the development of breast cancer cells. He has ongoing research, which shows that the pomegranate extracts trigger eight processes that prevent and help the treatment of breast cancer.
• Inhibits or kills the growth of cancer cells
• Tampers with the growth and cycle of cancer
• Blocks the growth of cells
• Inhibits invasion of tumor in the cell
• Kills cancer cells
• Influences differentiation of cells
• Stops the growth of blood vessels to tumors
• It Inhibits the formation of estrogen by fat cells.

Dr. Lansky says that the uniqueness of pomegranate is that it has inherent hormonal combinations that help in preventing and treating breast cancer. They destroy the cancer cells that are estrogen-dependent.

The lignans found in the seeds provide this effect. The medicinal fruit book titled Pomegranate: The Most Medicinal Fruit suggests that the fruit has been found to possess phytoestrogenic properties, which are more potent than the ones found in flax and soy. It also contains 17-alfa-estradiol in its seed oil, which is similar to the type of estrogen produced in the female body in large quantities. It is the first plant that was found to contain this property. It is no surprise that the fruit has been associated with fertility for ages.

Effects on Estrogenic Cancers (Uterine, Breast, Thyroid, Fibroids, and Endometriosis)

Pomegranates are not only needed by women who have low estrogen but also by every woman who wants to have a healthy cycle, stay slim, energetic, juicy and robust. My previous posts have discussed how estrogen triggers the proliferation of the malignant tissue in conditions like ER+ breast cancer, endometriosis, and fibroids. The most vital culprit is 17B-estradiol and is often common in women who use commercial skin care products. It is also common in those who live stressful lives or have a genetic disposition that inhibits mobilization of estrogen-like I do.

Pomegranate is in a group of plants known as Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulators (SERMs). When the SERM attaches itself to the estrogen receptor, it leaves no room for the unfriendly estrogen to attach to the cell. The inability to connect itself to the breast cell prevents the cell from receiving signals from the estrogen, which hinders growth and multiplication. It is significant that the fruit is helpful to both women who have low estrogen and those who have estrogen dominance. It is interesting that a drug such as Tamoxifen, which is a SERM, is prescribed for ER+ patients with breast cancer in ER but has several side effects hence patients are discouraged from using it for a long period. Research suggests that Pomegranate can prevent breast cancers that are estrogen-dependent and have benefits to other tissues that depend on hormones. Pomegranate extracts have the potential of killing breast cancer cells and inhibiting their reproduction.

Ovarian Cancer hope

Pomegranate extract and ovarian cancer cells are found to have impressive results according to Yale University. The ovarian cancer line that was used in the study had resisted all forms of treatment. There have been positive responses from other types of cancer in the use of pomegranate extracts. The extracts have proved to inhibit growth on stomach, lung, prostate cancers, and Leukemia.

Another benefit of Pomegranate on Hormonal Imbalance

There is a high concentration of exacerbates in blooms, peel, juice, and pericarp that particularly help and adjust the balance of hormones. Oil stands out as a concentrated extract. The extract, which comes from the seed extrication, is significant in medicinal use. These seeds are known to contain the best assortment of estrogens that are naturally acquired.

Most of the oil has a remarkably different unsaturated fat and acid. It is similar to linoleic acid (LA), with very powerful calming capacities, which are fat-consuming. These Pomegranate seeds possess the most astounding properties of the estrogen wellspring of the oestrone; besides, 17 alpha-oestradiol principle steroids estrogen in pomegranate seed oil is bio-indistinguishable estrogen and is severally weaker (but more secure) as compared to different estrogens. Indeed, it is the most gentle of every single steroidal estrogen.

Large assortment of safe estrogens makes the fruit and its extracts exceptional. In addition to the fact that it contains a more extensive scope of the properties as compared to others, its oestrogenic extravagance of envelops other steroids.

Dr. Ephraim Lansky, a specialist in the medical advantages of pomegranates, said that the whole product is bound with different abilities in different concentrations. Most gentle structures are well-known, and those that are most grounded remain very rare. He proved the existence of various oestrogenic mixes found in the fruit. Estrogen is characterized to be an element that ties the receptors of estrogen. These structures bind yet not animate the substantial impact making them be viewed as hostile to oestrogenic and keep more grounded ones from affecting
the body. This is vital for tweaking infections that are incited by an excessive amount of estrogen.

The capacities of the numerous parts that are in pomegranate greatly assist in securing, balancing and managing of hormones. This is positively uplifting information for ladies while putting everything into consideration. The more secure and weaker types of estrogens will not add any estrogen predominance. The oil, and additionally its juice, peels, and blooms all assist in diminishing a large number of the manifestations of hormonal unevenness. With the
additional advantages, ladies do encounter appropriately adjusted hormones.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal tissues usually become dry and thin when they lack adequate lubrication. This dryness can lead to bladder infections, pelvic floor problems, incontinence, and painful intercourse. The vaginal oestriol cream that is preferred as the solution has adverse effects especially to women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. The cream poses the risk of increasing the levels of estrogen. Pomegranate fits as the best alternative. In the study, by Earl Surwit it discovered that the lipid complex of pomegranate restored vaginal tissues and lubrication. By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles, pomegranate also resulted in a positive effect on incontinence. Generally, pomegranate extract proved to be the most active estrogen cream which does not raise the estrogen levels.

The following is a treatment program of the cream. Use the topical seed oil daily applying 2-4 drops each time to the vulva. You should use the best extract to balance the entire hormonal system. There has been an unexpected bonus that has been reported by women who have used the combination before. Their libido has increased notably.

Glowing skin

Pomegranate is known for its numerous cosmetic benefits. These benefits include the repair of tissues and stimulation of the regeneration of new cells. It is a topical cream and can also be taken orally with the following supplement properties:

• Improve your skin and body
• Reduce the signs of aging as well as strengthening the immune system
• Smoothening of the skin.

Pomegranate seeds have punicic acid which possesses skin regenerative properties hence it is popular in the skin care industry. I have seen positive results in using Pomegranate seed oil and helichrysum essential oil which I have been using on my scars after my hip replacement surgery. The oil also helps in the inflamed, dry, wrinkled, and sun-damaged skin.

Beat Inflammation

Women have a problem with chronic inflammation. Arthritis, diabetes, fibroids, endometriosis, autoimmune disease, gout, metabolic problems, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease are some of the inflammatory conditions, which cause severe damage to the affected part and eventually to the whole body. Dr. Lansky came up with a creative process of extracts from pomegranate, which was a combination of fermented juice, leaves, peel, seed, and flowers. The mixture had an antioxidant activity with strong synergy. Research shows that the extracts reduced inflammation for they inhibited the enzyme COX-2. The fermented extract inhibits estrogen dominance, which is known to exacerbate inflammation. This activity of the extract proves to be of health benefit to the hormonal balance in women.

How to Eat Pomegranates

After de-seeding the fruit, you should follow the following steps.

• Make a fruit juice (It is not advisable to buy ready-made juices for they are usually oxidized and lose nutritional value).
• Incorporate in salads
• Add to the stews
• Serve them with butter or nut as a snack
• Make a dessert with it
• You can make a fruit pie or crumble by mixing them with other fruits
• There is also Cashew Pomegranate Cheesecake recipe below for you!

How to Remove the Seeds from Pomegrante

The discussed reasons should be enough proof to you that you should try Pomegranates. The effort and time needed to remove the seeds from the fruits make some people to avoid eating them. In my video, I have demonstrated how you can quickly get rid of all the seeds. It is worth noting that I will not encourage the use of water for it takes away the juice. What I have is a simpler method that has not been used.

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