A Healthy Mind And Body Are Your Real Wealth

Your Health Is Your Real Wealth

The Universe is filled with positive energy. It only requires us to receive it and harness it for our benefits. Mind sciences emphasize making use of such positive energy because mental health is linked with positive energy. Our body’s health is also tied to this energy, which, when internalized, can help influence our careers, our social relationships, and our personal life. In today’s world, it is essential that we seek “total health”, both in mind and in the body.

1. Health is a regular attention seeker:

Most of us are so absorbed in the daily grind that we neglect our health, which is the foundation for our present and our future. It’s only when we feel unwell that we become aware of the value of health. Once we recover, we again get lost in the grind until we are worn down. The cycle continues. Chronic or continuous mental and physical strain can contribute to various illnesses. Therefore, it’s high time we start giving time to our health on a regular basis. It will take a concerted effort at first, but once you get used to putting your health first, it will become a habit.

2. Manage stress:

Continually prodding a wound never allows it to heal. Our mind and bodywork the same way. They both get tired and need proper healing time. Constant stress is detrimental to our health. Since some level of stress is unavoidable, finding ways to manage it is crucial. Stress activates our abilities and persuades us to do great things but it is important to set limits on constant stress. Relieve stress by doing something you enjoy doing. Spend some time alone or with family, exercise, or splash freezing cold water on your face. Sometimes you may have to do something crazy, like take an evening to enjoy the night sky.

3. Don’t be a tough nut to crack:

Ego is a person’s most self-destructive weapon. Satisfying your ego gives temporary relief and happiness but it is ultimately caustic for your personal health and the health of your relationships. It isolates you from other people and hinders important social capacities, like empathy, compassion, and resiliency. Do not make your ego the priority. Be flexible in your approach and be open and responsive to others. A productive mind is positive, optimistic, and collective.

4. Learn to say, “No”:

We stretch ourselves too thin trying to prove ourselves or over-committing ourselves to things that we are either incapable of or just complicate an already busy life. You have to remind yourself not to be burdened with unnecessary things. Saying, “No” to something or someone is an art form and takes practice; say it with emphasis and an articulate, respectful justification. (However, “No” should not be used to help a person avoid responsibilities to profession or family.)

Your mind and body are connected and interdependent. One’s health relies on the other. So take time to care for your mind, just as you do your body!

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