Divine Stones For Your Soul

Finding Your Soul Stone

Sleep is essential for a healthy mind and body. It gives your mind and body time to rest, heal, and reenergize, and is important for the proper functioning of growth hormones. Sleep reactivates your brain to improve your thinking and working performance.

There is sleep, and there is good sleep; we should all be striving to have good sleep because it is the most beneficial. Good sleep is sleep that is unencumbered by emotional or mental distractions and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the next day. How can you have better sleep? Have a glass of warm almond milk before bed, or take a few minutes to address any stress or anxiety and calm your brain.

You can also try something spiritual. Gems or stones are an uncommon but an effective approach to improving your sleep. Every stone has a different effect on your personality. Astrology even explains those effects of specific stones on specific horoscopes.

The violet variety of quartz, amethyst, is known as the stone for Aquarians. It is a crystal of protection, selflessness, spiritual consciousness, meditation, balance, and inner peace. Amethyst promotes harmonizing and peace, making it an attractive crystal for a peaceful sleep. It can help support tranquil sleep, but it is also powerful when you’re awake, improving concentration and memory.

Amethyst can be combined with rose quartz, another crystal that has a strong influence on emotions and psychology. Rose quartz is said to soothe the heart and mend emotional wounds. Experts suggest placing rose quartz in your room to invite rejuvenating energy, which in turn produces feelings of peace, gratitude, compassion, and love. This reduces cortisol, a contributing hormone of stress.

Another sleep crystal is the blue calcite. A distinctive shade of comforting blue, this crystal is known for soothing. Blue calcite is said to promote relaxation by releasing unexpressed emotions and comforting your mental
strain; essentially helping you “switch off.” It can also help absorb your negative energy, filter it, and return it as positive energy. This stone is useful if you are recovering from illness. It can encourage the growth of your psychic
gifts and may enhance your imagination. It is a brilliant stone to stimulate meaningful dreams, and it may help you to remember them.

There are a vast variety of crystals, with an even broader range of effects on humans. However, like so many other healthy practices, so much of it is mental. Like a seed that, if not properly watered, never blooms into the tree it is destined to be, your heart and spirit need proper watering and attention; you cannot just throw a “seed” at it or a crystal and expect it to bloom. Caring for ourselves deserves our full attention. Various approaches to spiritual health, such as stones and crystals, are simply cogs in the wheel and part of a bigger effort; we still need to rid ourselves of negative energies and stress and adopt a more mindful approach to life in general.


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