How To Make The Best Sage Infusion For A Sore Throat

Best Sage Infusion For A Sore Throat

Hello, my dear ones. So many people have been complaining of sore throat, larynx, hoarseness, and recurring angina. Good news, I have a recipe to cure sore throat that comes from my native country. It works very well and you will gain relief almost immediately. When we would get sick when growing up, my grandmother would prepare it for us, her grandchildren.

This sage infusion:

is a lifesaver and it can cure your throat issues quickly. When I was a child, I used to suffer from angina so many times. In fact, I am lucky to still have my tonsils intact. Inflamed tonsils can be a very big challenge to the modern busy working person or student.

It is a risk to the heart. Each angina brings a serious risk of weakened heart muscles which could lead to myocarditis. You must never ignore a sore throat and have to be very careful when your tonsils are inflamed.

Regardless of the size of the inflamed tonsils, it is essential to have each angina well healed. You cannot underestimate it. So many people are busy rushing through life, busy with work and taking care of their families. Ignoring a sore throat can lead to strep throat which in turn causes a myriad of serious health challenges and long-term diseases.

You should already know by now that many diseases enter the body through the mouth. Coconut oil is a ready remedy to keep off viruses and bacteria from your gut. If you do oil pulling in the season of autumn-winter, you can bid goodbye to viruses, infections, and influenza.

Oil pulling is pretty easy. Simply use a tablespoon of melted sesame oil or coconut oil. Swish it about your mouth for around 20 minutes. This should loosen off the plague and bacteria sitting in your teeth, tongue, and gum.

When you add my sage infusion to the oil and take it daily, the result is exceptional. If you gargle your throat with this mixture, you are surely getting rid of most pathogenic viruses and bacteria. Instead of water and salt, my grandmother educated me on how to use the sage infusion.

Choose to add some propolis as it enhances the antibacterial effect. Apple cider vinegar is another additive that can bring the same advantages. Apple cider acts by removing the phlegm that grows in your throat, causing the increase of bacteria.

I have given my sage infusion recipe to numerous people, and they have all benefited from its potent relief.


  • 1 tablespoon of dried sage leaves. This makes 1 glass of warm infusion of sage. Prepare it by pouring 1 cup of boiling water over two tablespoons of the dried leaves.
  • Cover the mixture and steep for 10-15 minutes, and then strain it
  • 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar
  • 1 teaspoon of salt

Optional Ingredients

  • Add 20-30 drops of propolis – while this is not an essential ingredient, it strengthens the antiviral and antibacterial effect.

How often to use it
The frequency of use depends on how inflamed your tonsils are. If it is mild, use my sage infusion once in the morning and evening. If the inflammation is high, use the sage infusion three times in a day or for as many as 5 times, with 3-4 hours intervals.

Listen to your body and know what is going on. The old eastern Asia Chakra phenomenon comes to play as far as throat ailments are concerned. Throat Chakra is the point of energy that controls our creativity, expression, and truth.

Sometimes we do not say “no” to questions and situations. We lie for convenience reasons. When we do not speak the truth, it sticks in the throat and causes blocks. These blocks often lead to diseases of the throat.

Here is an example. An employee who dislikes his immediate manager or supervisor but pretends by making complements while the truth is stuck in his throat can suffer from these problems.

Here is another example. A person has challenges in self-expression and deploying his creativity for fear of failure or criticism. The inability to let out his “true” ability causes blockages on the throat.

We all fail to show our truest emotions to the people around us. We fear being admonished or even rejected if we convey our feelings to people. We end up creating these physical blocks in the throat, or better still the Throat Chakra.

When we suffer from a disease, there is some message that the body is telling us. When we suffer from throat illness, for example, it is an indication of the blockages that exist and we must take the initiative to clear them.

It is worth taking time to reflect on our bodies and to learn the messages that they send to us. I wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful time. Let me know how my recipe of sage infusion helps you to clear your sore throats.

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